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The Lenoir County Board of Health will meet on June 24, 2020 at the Lenoir County Health Department.  Due to COVID-19, only BOH members will be in attendance.  Members of the public who wish to address the BOH, please send an email with your comments to Pamela Brown at   


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General Overview
Lenoir County officials organized county public health services in 1917.  Lenoir County was the eighth county that established a local program that provided full-time public health services.  Dr. J. S. Michner was Lenoir County’s first full-time health officer.  Joey Huff is the current local health director.

The Lenoir County Health Department provides local public health services and programs to county residents.  Services and programs include Adult Health, Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion, Animal/Rabies Control, Child Health, Care Coordination for Children (CC4C), Childhood Lead Prevention, Environmental Health services, Family Planning, Immunizations, Laboratory Services, Prenatal Care, Pregnancy Care Home Case Management, Public Health Social Work, Vital Records, TB/Communicable Diseases/STD/HIV, and WIC.  The department was relocated to the current two-story, 19,000 square foot facility at 201 N. McLewean Street in December 1984 after a major capital improvement renovation was completed.  The agency has 61 staff positions, the majority possessing a degree and/or a professional license or registration.

Staffing includes the health director, nursing director, 1 nurse practitioner, 2 nursing supervisors, 9 public health nurse positions, 2 licensed practical nurse positions, 2 nurse assistant positions, 2 laboratory technicians, 1 social worker, 1 health educator, 2 Spanish interpreters, and clerical support staff for the clinic areas.  WIC staff includes one director, 2 nutritionists, 1 breast-feeding peer counselor,1 interpreter, and clerical support staff.  Environmental Services staff includes 1 supervisor, 6 Environmental Health Specialists, and clerical support staff.  Animal/Rabies Control Program consists of 2 full-time animal control officers and 1 temporary part-time animal control officer.   

Adult Health Services

Adult Health Services consists of Women’s Health Programs including Family Planning, Low-Moderate Risk Maternity, High Risk Maternity, Pregnancy Care Home Management, Breast and Cervical Cancer Control and Prevention; Abnormal Pap Follow-up, Health Promotion (community); and Communicable Diseases Control (TB/STDs/HIV/AIDS). 

Family Planning services are for females of child bearing age who are in need of routine birth control or natural family planning services and males 19 – 60 years of age.  Clients receive an annual physical exam that includes their method of contraception.  Appointments are required.  The charges for these services are based on income and sliding fee scale.  Medicaid, Health Choice, and some insurances are also accepted.  There are no residency requirements for these services.

Women seen in the Lenoir County Health Department that have an abnormal pap smear are followed through the Health Department’s Cancer Detection Program.  These clients are referred for appropriate evaluation and treatment based on physician guidelines.   

Comprehensive prenatal care is available to residents of our community who are pregnant.  Pregnant women who develop or have a medical condition that can complicate the pregnancy are enrolled in the agency’s high risk maternity clinic.  Prenatal Care services are based on income and the sliding fee scale.  Medicaid is also accepted.  Pregnant women who may be experiencing any psycho/social issues during the pregnancy can receive enhanced psycho/social counseling from our trained public health social work staff.  Case management is offered to pregnant clients through our Pregnancy Care Management (PCM) program for pregnant Medicaid patients at risk for poor birth outcomes.  Care managers reinforce the provider’s plan of care as well as link patients with needed services/self-management.  PCM clients should meet Lenoir County residency requirements.

We offer a modified/limited gynecological exam to women that include a pap smear and breast exam to check for the presence or signs of developing abnormalities.  This exam is for the client that does not need a hormonal method of birth control.  There is a flat rate fee for this exam.  The Health Department offers pregnancy tests and doctor referral blood work in our lab at a flat rate fee to the client.  There are no residency requirements for these services.  Appointments are required. 

Women who receive BCCCP services must be between the ages of 40 -65, low-income, and have must not have third party coverage.  Women who have abnormal findings/results are referred to local specialists for follow-up care.  Appointments are required and the client must meet the eligibility requirements and live in Lenoir County.

The Health Promotion program includes community outreach projects such as blood pressure screenings and/or HIV/Syphilis screenings offered to the general public at no charge during health fairs and other events.  Our nurse/health educator conducts presentations to civic organizations, senior meal sites, and other small groups about a variety of health topics and distributes health maintenance information.  The preparedness coordinator promotes and continues the development of emergency Public Health Preparedness and response planning.

The Health Department provides free screening/diagnostic and treatment services for the detection and prevention of communicable diseases such as tuberculosis and other vaccine preventable diseases.  There is a charge to the client for TB Skin Tests required for school or work purposes and are offered by appointment only.  The Health Department also provides free screenings for syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases.  There are no residency requirements for these services.  An appointment is required.

The Health Department provides low cost flu and pneumonia shots to the general public at annual immunization clinics during the fall.  The Health Department offers free blood pressure screenings to the general public from 3 - 4 o’clock each business day except holidays.

Animal/Rabies Control

The Animal/Rabies Control program enforces the local Lenoir County Animal/Rabies Control Ordinance adopted July 1992 with an effective date of October 1992; state rabies control laws, NCGS 130A-184 through 200 and NCGS 67-4.1 through 4.4; and other related state laws.  The Health Department’s animal control officers are equipped with a vehicle, a rifle, and an assortment of cages, traps, snares, and personal protective gear.  The jurisdiction of the local ordinance is county-wide, including the townships of LaGrange and Pink Hill but excludes the town limits of Kinston.

Tobacco Prevention and Control

To learn more about the Tobacco Prevention and Control Branch, visit and

Child Health/Immunizations/Case Management/Lead Exposure

The Child Health Program provides routine, periodic, well-child physical assessments and other health maintenance services to children 8 weeks to 12 years of age including immunizations, lead screenings, and developmental , vision, and hearing screenings.  Immunizations are given from 2 months through 18 years of age free of charge for children that have no insurance, underinsured, and Medicaid eligible children.  Alaskan natives and American Indian children are also given immunizations free of charge through 18 years of age.  Adults and/or children are charged for immunizations that are purchased by the Health Department.  Lenoir County Health Department follows the most current coverage criteria provided by the NC Department of Health and Human Services.  Public health nurses who have received enhanced training conduct the well-child physicals which include a medical history, complete physical examinations, age-appropriate developmental screening, hearing and vision screening, and administer state mandated immunizations according to schedule.  Child Health services are based on income and are placed on a sliding fee scale.  Medicaid and Health Choice are accepted.  Child Health services and immunizations have no residency requirements.  Appointments are required. 

Children who are identified as being “at-risk” are referred to Care Coordination for Children (CC4C), a case management program for children birth to 5 years of age identified with special health care needs, children exposed to toxic stress, and medical home referrals.  The case manager makes scheduled home visits.  There are no income requirements for these services.  CC4C clients must meet Lenoir County residency requirements. 

 Children identified through laboratory screening as having elevated blood lead levels are enrolled in the Lead Prevention Program.  A public health nurse works with the family on ways to prevent further lead toxicity and monitors the child’s subsequent blood lead levels. 

The Lenoir County Health Department has a trained nurse that does Newborn Home Assessments to evaluate the condition of the post-partum mother and her newborn within two weeks to two months of delivery. 

Environmental Health

Environmental Health Program conducts state mandated investigations, permitting, and inspections services.  Programs include the following:

  • Food, Lodging, and Institution involves the permitting and inspections of all food, lodging, and institutions including the jail and hospital at frequencies as determined by the State and according to risk based inspection criteria. 
  • On-Site Wastewater involves the evaluation of soil suitability for the installation of septic tank systems. 
  • The private drinking water well program provides well siting and permitting and water sampling. 
  • Public swimming pools involve the annual permitting and periodic inspection of public swimming pools. 
  • Tattoo parlor involves the permitting of tattoo artists and quarterly inspections of the establishment which include instruments, sterilizer/autoclave, and records/documents. 
  • Residential and Day Care involves the periodic inspections of licensed day care and residential facilities. 
  • Lead Investigation involves the investigation for the presence and the abatement of lead contaminated paint in residences, day care facilities, and other locations where children under 6 years of age stay and have elevated blood lead levels.   
  • The Methamphetamine Lab program has staff that work with owners of the clandestine labs to assure proper cleanup of the hazardous chemicals and residue before reoccupying the premises.

Environmental Health Permits

Event Organizer Application

Food Establishment Plan Review Application

Temporary Food Service (TFE) Application

Improvement Permit and/or Authorization to Construct

Childcare Facility Plan Review Application
Limited Food Establishment (LFE)- Basic Information
Well Application
Tattoo Permit Application
2019 EH Fee Schedule

WIC/Nutrition Supplement Program

WIC stands for Women, Infants, and Children and is also called the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program.  WIC provides services to low-income, pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, and infants and children until the age of five.  The program provides a combination of nutrition education, vouchers for supplemental foods such as infant formula, eggs, cheese, fruits, vegetables, and other foods, breastfeeding promotion and support, and referrals for health care.  WIC has proven to be effective in preventing and improving nutrition related health problems within its population.   WIC clients must meet nutritional risk requirements and income requirements.  WIC clients must meet North Carolina residency criteria.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) funds the WIC program.  The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health, Women’s and Children’s Health Section, Nutrition Services Branch administers it.  Lenoir County Health Department provides the services.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

The Full non-discrimination statement can be viewed at

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